God of War 3:R - Infinite Loading Loophole

by: findlestick     Published on: 25 October 2017

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Description :

A loophole which lets you play certain levels infinitely.twitter.com/findlestickPoints of interest:1. You can reach The Forge directly from your first visit to Aphrodite without activating Aphrodite's portal. It's done by Jet Dashing from the top of Aphrodite's portal then Death Jumping high up to an area where The Forge is.However, since you didn't use the portal, you actually reach The Forge in its 'post-Hades state' as opposed to its 'pre-Tartarus state'. Normally the rotating platform at the base of the Forge, as well as Realm of Hades, is not loaded when you're in the pre-Tartarus Forge.In short, reaching the post-Hades Forge means that you can infinitely load Realm of Hades (in its post-Hades state), post-Hades battle savepoint, Olympia, Eos, Chain vent, Caverns, Lower Chamber of the Flame, Hermes, Upper Chamber of the flame, Music Puzzle?, Hercules and Poseidon Princess. I should mention that the post-Hades Forge's portal is inactive, just like at the start of the game.Note 1: Before Aphrodite's portal is active, the game loads the (post-Hades) Forge, which is located about (using the height of The Forge as a unit of measurement) roughly two 'Forge-heights' measured from the floor of Aphrodite's Chamber. The horizontal distance is about one 'Forge-width' away from the portal.However, after the portal is active the game loads The (pre-Tartarus) Forge.Note 2: When you reach The post-Hades Forge, there is a trigger one quarter way down the stairs that unloads Aphrodite's chamber (and loads the Hades battle savepoint area). Once Aphrodite's Chamber is unloaded there is no reloading it again without progressing through Realm of Hades, Olympia etc. In my opinion that ends the hope that you can somehow access Aphrodite's Chamber from first visit to River Styx with swimming glitch.2. When you replay a level, the game will either remember a level's previous state or it will load it fully from scratch.Levels which the game will remember its previous state:-Forge (post-Hades state).-Realm of Hades (post-Hades state).-Music puzzle? (untested)-Sewers-Poseidon princess-Upper Gardens?All other levels are loaded fully as if you've reached them for the first time, and seem to play normally. Lower Chamber of The Flame is unique in that some of the paintings are both "revealed" and "unrevealed". You can also duplicate Hercules ONCE after killing him on your second replay of the Hercules battle.You can also get infinite Gorgon eyes, Feathers, horns and Godly Possessions (untested).3. After playing through these levels four times the game regularly crashes, particularly when restarting. Eventually my auto-save became corrupted.4. You can trigger Aphrodite's first cutscene with swimmingness glitch. This was previously not possible since swimming glitch used to be accessed once you had already triggered that scene.Triggering Aphrodite's initial cutscene whilst swimming makes Kratos break-out of the sex mini-game, but only once you've selected 'Yes'. At which point the camera pans to the women but without the mini-game commencing. The camera is then locked at a terrible angle but I managed to make it to the savepoint and restarted. This causes the camera to pan from the bed to the women. However, you get a rare glimpse of Aphrodite in her mini-game pose.Also, I thought it was appropriate to add a clip of Kratos dry-humping the air as I showed previously in another vid at my other channel.I then wanted to see how the game would deal with Kratos if it thought that he was currently engaged in the sex mini-game (things loaded normally). With the bad camera angle I managed to swim to an area of The Forge which forces Aphrodite's Chamber to unload, thus giving me back normal camera. However, since you can't reload Aphrodite's chamber once it's unloaded, I played through from The Forge all the way back to the start of Aphrodite's chamber, curious as to what state it's in.When you reach Aphrodite's chamber again, she's in her mini-game state, but for once you get a good look at what she's actually doing. She writhes around but the strangest thing is that she slides around the room trying to avoid Kratos should he get close to her. Some claws magics can register hits on her, at which point she stops moving away from Kratos' advances.I tested some of Kratos actions on her, here are some results of note:-She can be grappled with regular blades.-Kratos gets knocked back if he tries Claw grapples on her.-Arrows embed themselves into her body.-She can be hit by Nemesis Rage but it doesn't register damage.-Cestus grapple: Kratos gets stuck in place for a few moments.More tests needed...