Golden Nuggets LIVE #486 - The Spirits of Lust - Min. Fitz

by: Fitz Houston     Published on: 16 August 2018

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Golden Nuggets LIVE #486 - The Spirits of Lust - Min. Fitz teaches on all of the spirits of lust that are within what the Bible calls the "Spirit of lust." Our flesh is being bombard by all kinds of lustful, fleshly desires daily and without our spirit man keeping us focused on God's will and God's way, we will never survive. Why, because it bigger that fleshly desires, it's all a part of the spiritual warfare that is going on 24/7, flesh vs the spirit, and what we feed the most is what we are drawn to the most, amen. Text 1 John 2:15-17 and James 1:13-15. Lesson scriptures - Matt.5:28; Eph.5:18, 1 Cor.6:9-20; Jer.17:9; Rom.8:5, 12:1,13:13-14; Gal.5:16-17,24; Eph.2:3. (related scriptures) Heb.13:4; Jer.13:27; Prov.6:32; 1 Thess.4:3-5; Prov. 5:18-23,6:20-35; Mrk 7:20-23; and Matt.15:17-20. (8/16/2018)Music by Fitz Houston - (mp3s)Prayer requests - http://faithhopehelpministries2.orgTo sow into this ministry - YouTube LIVEPOEM OF THE DAY"The Spirit of Lust"By Fitzhugh G. HoustonLooking at things you're not suppose to seeThen asking, "What's coming over me?"Don't want to be tempted - don't open the door!The spirit of lust it only wants more. Everywhere you look there's nothing but skinTaunting you to turn your life to sin.You don't want to lose to that fire insideTurn your eyes to the spiritual side. Movies, music and even TVGive you much more than you want to see.I really love jamming to my favorite CDUntil I see all the flesh jumping out at me. The carnal man is alive and wellBetter watch out or go straight to hell.I wish I knew how to help folks knowThat lust of the flesh is killing them slow. I can only say, dear Lord, I prayThat folks wake up before that day.When soon they all must show their handAnd pray the Lord will books of poetry available at: