GoPro Hero 8 Black - action cam drone pilots were waiting for? A review!

by: Paweł Spychalski     Published on: 08 November 2019

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GoPro Hero 8 Black releases a new version of their flag Hero action camera every year. Last year we got Hero 7 with amazing Hypersmooth stabilization. This year we got Hero 8 with... yes, with what? What makes Hero 8 better than Hero 7 Black and why should we update? New super function? Extra accessories? Foldable mount? C'mon... we all know that we do not want another Hero on our kwads. All we really want is Session 5 witn Hypersmooth stabilization! That would be awesome!If not Hero 8 then what? Hero 7 Black review of GoPro Hero 7 Black for INAV support? It is there for my Patrons on Patreon: InitiativeIf you are an individual or a small company and make something for RC hobby and you want to share your product with the community, please contact me. I will gladly promote your product amongst my viewers. It can be hardware, software, electronics anything as long as it is at least remotely connected with remote control. I receive a commission if you make a purchase after clicking one of the affiliate links published over here. There is no extra cost for you!Banggood affiliate also have a full-grow RC website you knowInstagram hardware:FramesTBS Source One Source One 7-inch arms Monster 7 inch Fighter 7 inch v2 2507 BR2508S XING 2208 GPS GPS controllersMatek F411 Wing SE F722S stack F722 Wing F722 SE Tarsier HD camera Eagle 2 Pro Micro Eagle Arrow Micro Hero 7 Black compatible boardsArduino Pro Mini LORA32 ESP32 OLED Electric Screwdriver VSWR meter UT210E clamp meter UT373 tachometer