Graffiti - Resk 12 - Rick And Morty Graffiti Piece on Abandoned Industry

by: RESK 12     Published on: 26 October 2019

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Description :

If you want music in the video feel free to just open a new tab with your favorite type of music! Graffiti Piece made with the character Rick from Rick and Morty, using the letters as his portal, freestyled it from looking at reference on my phone, liked the result although I see a lot I could've done better. Next time I'll pay more attention.Thanks for Watching. I appreciate all the support.Used Mtn 94 and Hardcore cans for all the work.Check my Website.Resk12.comFollow me on Instagram. my custom Procreate Brush. a look at my online store. This channel doesn't tolerate or promote any illegal activity, including the transfer and degradation of private or public property. This channel doesn't incite his public to violate the law. The videos, photos and details of these audiovisuals have been sent to us anonymously and unselfishly of the end. This video will be used only for the purpose of documenting these acts.