Growing Potatoes in Straw - No Dig Potatoes

by: Danial McCoy     Published on: 05 March 2015

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In 2012 I made a short video about how to grow potatoes in straw. I was going to post this video at the end of the growing season but got distracted for...a few...years. My bad, haha. Anyways, here it is now for anyone who is thinking of trying this method of potato growing. Here is an overview of the project. Time: 4 hours with 2 people to install the raised bed and about the same to harvest it and clean the spuds. Throughout the summer there was about 2 hours total spent putting more straw on top as the old straw compressed.In vs Out:We put in 30ish pounds of potatoes and got back around 250. I would do things differently in the future. The potatoes required at the outset could be severely reduced by cutting them up before planting. I would also space the potatoes out more as some of them appeared to be competing for nutrients.All food grown in this garden was donated to the local soup kitchen.Thank you for watching, and a happy harvest to you this year!