GTA Online: Unreleased San Andreas Super Autos Cars Gameplay (Engine Sounds, Handling, and More)

by: GhillieMaster     Published on: 29 July 2019

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In the last video we went over the dripfeed vehicles coming out on the Legendary Motorsport Website. This time we are checking out the San Andreas Super Autos vehicles set to release over the coming months.Unreleased Legendary Motorsport Vehicles Gameplay: to join my crew:1. Make sure your social club account is public and gamertag is visible2. Join the crew here you're unable to do step 1, then notify me or my discord mods using the methods listed below)Twitter: Discord (Join this one for crew related stuff): Discord Gamertag: R8 GhillieHow to send clips to me: Current Theme: WILDCARD (Send me any kill)1. Upload UNEDITED clip to YouTube as Unlisted2. Email the video link to [email protected] along with a line saying "I give GhillieMaster permission to use this clip in a video..." with the subject line containing the theme of the submission. Also write what name you want to be called by in the video.Official GTA Online Discord Server: for Watching and have a great day!Music:Check out the GTA 5 Score Channel, he makes awesome remixes of the GTA 5 Soundtrack: