Half-Life: Alyx - Excited? Disappointed? Both Reactions Are Valid (OMGH)

by: Jim Sterling     Published on: 22 November 2019

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Half-Life: Alyx marks the announcement of the first Half-Life game in 10,000 years. The announcement got a mixed response but the trailer has seen Valve pretty easily forgiven for all its sins. In fairness, the game looks great. It looks great, and I may not play it, because VR just isn't my thing at all. There has been some continued disappointment from certain people, and that disappointment has been mocked by others. I don't think that's particularly fair. If you're excited for Half-Life: Alyx, that's fantastic. If you're feeling let down, that's understandable. Both reactions, I think, are perfectly valid.A great article on VR accessibility: #HalfLifeAlyx #HalfLife #Valve #VR #JimSterling #OMGH