Handbrake x264 "Constant Quality" (RF) comparisons

by: MGpowered     Published on: 20 June 2013

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A quick comparison of different RF values used to encode a short video clip from within Handbrake. You can find the full writeup with further details at http://mattgadient.com/2013/06/20/comparing-x264-rf-settings-in-handbrake-examples/Try to watch in fullscreen at the 1080p setting, or you won't see the details well enough to notice the differences in RF values (there are 4x480p sources contained in the video).Pausing at various points to look for differences can be helpful. Pay close attention to flatter "background" areas, as that's where signs of blockiness tend to first show up.If you're unable to watch in 1080p or if YouTube's compression causes the video to deteriorate too much, there are DVD-resolution screenshots in the write-up on the site.Comparison includes the following RF values:0, 10, 18, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28, 30, 32CORRECTION: The final clip says "weak settings (RF 22, 24, 26)". It should say "weak settings (RF 28, 30, 32)".Disclaimer & legal junk:Contains content from "24" Season 6, Episode 1 (between 18m03s-18m14s), of which Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation holds the copyright. If you re-use this in a context of which the law does not permit and they sue your pants off or Jack Bauer comes to your house looking for answers, you're on your own.It is believed that this usage of this content falls within the "fair dealing" clause of the Canadian Copyright Act, pursuant to Section 29 for purposes of being educational and/or of research value.It is believed that this usage of this content falls within the "fair use" provision of US copyright law, for reasons including but not limited to: being transformative & non-commercial in nature of use, containing minimal content, and having no negative impact on the value of the original work.