Hatim Tai ki Sakhawat ka waqia

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Hatim al-Tai (Arabic: حاتم الطائي‎, Hatim of the Tayy tribe; died 578), full name Ḥātim bin ʿAbd Allāh bin Saʿad a'ṭ-Ṭāʾiyy (Arabic: حاتم بن عبد الله بن سعد الطائي‎) was a famous Arab poet who belonged to the Ta'i tribe of Arabia. Stories about his extreme generosity have made him an icon among Arabs up until today, as evident in the proverbial phrase "more generous than Hatim" (Arabic: أكرم من حاتم‎).Al-Tai lived in Ha'il in the present-day Saudi Arabia and was mentioned in some Hadiths by Muhammad.[1] He died in 578[2] and was buried in Towaren, Ha'il. His tomb is described in the Arabian Nights.[3]He lived in the sixth century CE and also figures in the Arabian Nights stories. The celebrated Persian poet Saadi, in his work Gulistan (1259 CE) wrote: "Hatim Taï no longer exists but his exalted name will remain famous for virtue to eternity. Distribute the tithe of your wealth in alms; for when the husbandman lops off the exuberant branches from the vine, it produces an increase of grapes".[4] He is also mentioned in Saadi's Bostan (1257).[5] According to legends in various books and stories, he was a famous personality in the region of Ta'i (present day Ha'il) and is also a well-known figure in the rest of the Middle East as well as the Indian subcontinent, featuring in many books, films and TV series in Arabic, Persian, Urdu, Turkish, Hindi and various other languages.Rozat-ul-Sufa mentions that "In the eighth year after the birth of his eminence the Prophet (Muhammad), died Noushirwan the Just, and Hatemtai the generous, both famous for their virtues",[6] around 579 CE. According to the 17th-century orientalist D'Herbelot, his tomb was located at a small village called Anwarz, in Arabia.