Head scarf styles:Braid & Bun.How to wear headscarf.2 Quick & Easy head scarf styles for short hair

by: Анастасия Аммар     Published on: 14 March 2018

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Braid & Bun. 2 scarf styles step by stepHello dear ladies! My name is Anastasia. I'm Russian. I like head scarves very much and todayI want to share with you two my favorite styles for short hair with which I started to wear my head scarf. And this two head scarf styles is very good for those who have short hair and who are dreaming about long hair because these two designs make illusion that you have long hair.I will be glad to help you in finding your style. My Instagram Amirati_fashion Instagram AMIRATI Here you will find beautiful feminine clothes of my own brandCome visit - Изящный покров (Elegant cover) my group is dedicated to beautiful, stylish and at the same time modest women's clothing So how to wear headscarf in this ways?For this style you need the head sqware scarf like this. Also I will use pins like this and for one of them I will use big pins. For both style you need to make this. If you are afraid of pins you can watch my special video about pins. How to wear headscarf of this design? so this style is very simple and it's very actual for different styles we make like this also you can start here to make it more tight or to make this freestyle Also you can pin here like this or this different ways as you like. And for the second style the first step is the same. So that have pin here under hair and then take at all little bit twist not tightlyThen you can use pins as if you do it in hair if you need you can se more pins. If it seems it's not safely. So this is the ways how to tie a square scarf. These styles are useful for cancer patients. It is good way of how to tie a headscarf for cancer patients and I hope in one more is it beautiful? I don't see so but I hope it's good. This style will be good also for every style simple and elegant. I hope you like these ways how to tie a square scarfI wish you enjoyed and I waiting for your comments) please follow me and welcome to my channel for other videos