Hermione vs Ginny, who should Harry have ended up with?

by: Buc Reviewer     Published on: 14 May 2015

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Video Edited by aginpro: is Dumbledore's Farewell: reading a few comments here: and here: comments:“Hermione would do anything for Harry and she was always there for him.”Oh Sure, but I’m not questioning the fact that they are good friends. I just don’t think that means they are in love."Sirius Black did not betray Harry's parents, that was Peter Pettigrew."I know that's what actually happened. But I was talking about the part earlier on in the book where they discover it was Sirius. Or if you want to be picky, they discover it's believed to be Sirius."Harry just suddenly falls in love with Ginny is the sixth book."That's how love works sometimes."Ginny is barely in the series before the sixth book."This simply isn't true. You must have skipped massive parts of Goblet of Fire and Order of the Phoenix if you think that, and did you read Chamber of Secrets at all?"Ginny is barely in the third and fourth books, and then suddenly she's back playing a bigger role in the fifth." Firstly, she is in the third and fourth books quite a bit, she doesn't play a massive role but she is there for large parts of the books. But yes she does have a reduced role in those books and then has a larger role in the later ones. But why is that in and of itself a bad thing? It's quite common for side characters to come and go from the story, depending on where the main character goes and what they do.“In the movies…” or "I was talking about the movies."I don’t care about them, this video is about the books. I know I’m playing clips from the movies the whole time, but that’s really only so you have something more interesting to look at. If you want to talk about something that happens in the movies, makes sure it happened in the books too. If you've not read the books, you are going to be a bit lost by this video since the romance between Harry and Ginny is handled very differently in the books."Rowling said..."Covered in the video. But if you want me to go into a bit more detail, I really don't think what Rowling said is important. I only mentioned it in the video to try and save people telling me about it in the comments (fat lot of good that did!) Firstly the quotes from Rowling about how Harry should have ended up with Hermione are very vague, there isn't much reasoning given as to why she thinks this. She just says she made a mistake and that's it. Second just because Rowling said this doesn't change the books themselves if Rowling wanted to pull a George Lucas and re-release the books with a changed ending where Harry does end up with Hermione, maybe then it would be more important. But as of the time I'm writing this, that's not happened."This is just my opinion"There's nothing wrong with this statement on its own. But please understand that saying this, does not make your opinon immune to counter arguments."Cho Chang and Victor Krum thought Harry and Hermione were a couple. Doesn't that suggest they should be together?"Certainly not. In fact, that's a terrible reason for two people to get together. Krum accepted that the two of them were friends as soon as Harry told him. Also, did you understand the idea behind Cho's misreading their relationship at all? She jumped to that conclusion for no real reason. It's supposed to make us dislike her, not think she might have a point."The music is sad"It was used for a sad scene in the films, but the music itself is just music."This video is mostly just your own opinion"Well of course it is, it's my video."This video is biased"The video is very much pro Harry and Ginny, but that doesn't mean it's biased. Unless you mean that is very much in favour of one particular side, in which yes it's biased but that's inevitable when giving an opinion about something.“There is more evidence of Harry ending up with Ginny because it was written that way.” I’m not sure what people are even implying here. Are they suggesting any evidence of Harry ending up with Ginny should be disregarded because whatever Rowling had in mind for an interesting and satisfying end to the books isn't important? Or are they saying that the points I make are not valid because they are regarding things that might not have happened if Rowling had had a different ending planned? The former seems a bit disrespectful to Rowling and the latter seems a lot like speculation. I mean couldn't I just as easily dismiss this hypothetical version of the books where he ends up with Hermione for exactly the same reason?"I thought from the title that this video would be more neutral."So the video gave you something different from what you were expecting, sometimes that happens. Some people have suggested that the title is clickbait or false advertising, but I just don't see how it is. It's a question, and the video provided MY ANSWER to that question.