(Heroic) Bloodfire Embermane *Cheese* | Bloodsoul Shard Farming!

by: Xploit     Published on: 20 June 2019

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I do not use these "exploits" in regular gameplay. This is for those that have a very difficult time slaying this behemoth. Even though it is a *cheese* it is NOTHING compared to using things like the Godhand glitch. Please do not use these mechanics regularly as it can ruin the game experience as well as the future tournaments I will be holding!Farm Bloodsoul Shards and other materials such as Peerless Arcstones, Smoldering Bloodhide, and obtain the heroic dye known as Bloodfire!Heroic Bloodfire Embermane does HUGE amounts of fire damage and is constantly charging you. EASILY interrupt, stagger, and deal damage to break, wound, and ultimately slain this behemoth!JOIN THE DISCORD (1,200+ MEMBERS): https://discord.gg/z5WMJ5ySUPPORT ME AS A CREATOR:PredaXploitSUBSCRIBE TODAY (4,380+ Subscribers!) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWShQH4tHEZ2PRsvd26aLLg?confirmation=1Gleam Giveaway!https://gleam.io/AwRmW/100-dauntless-giftcardSOCIALS:Twitter - https://twitter.com/sirxploitInstagram - https://instagram.com/SirXploitYTXploit is a content creator focused on providing his community with guides, walkthroughs, playthroughs, exploits, and other instructional videos. To stay updated with video releases, click the subscribe button and the notification bell.If you enjoy the videos, remember to "like" them by clicking the thumbs-up button. This will help Xploit create more content for his community on all popular games!#Dauntless #DauntlessGuides #Exploit