Hirai Momo | J-Trinity Compilation (트와이스) Part 1/3

by: CasualLifer     Published on: 06 September 2019

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Welcome to another New Series!(And Welcome to those you've just randomly come across this video and/or my Channel)This new series will focus on TWICE's Sub Units.(It's just so making these videos will be a little easier! Haha)This is essentially a Bias Compilation Part 2!Now it's time for Mi! Sa! Mo!The Holy J-Trinity!I wanted to make this just one long video instead of the format I used for the 3Mix video, although the parts are smaller they are much faster to upload than a longer video. It also helps with any potential errors I make, as editing and re-rendering shorter videos save a lot of time. I may continue with this format for the Maknae Line video, but I'll decide when it comes time to upload."J-Trinity (Momo, Sana and Mina) is the friendship between the Japanese trio. The J in J-Trinity is the short form for Japanese, therefore J-Trinity means the Japanese trinity."[https://twice.fandom.com/wiki/J-Trinity]====================================https://twitter.com/CasualLifer#TWICE #MiSaMo #JLine #JTrinity#NineOrNone #NaJeongMoSaJiMiDahChaeTzu #OT9 #Japan