Honey I Blew Up The Baby - Adobe Illustrator Tutorial

by: Tim Owers     Published on: 23 May 2018

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Please see below for detailed instructions:1.12 - Convert to a normal layer. Double click 'Background' to change layer type, then click ok.3.20 - Lasso: To add to your lasso selection, hold shift and drag your lasso around the area you'd like to select. To subtract, hold option and do the same.7.05 - If you don't have the Image Trace options on the side, hit the 'Image Trace Panel' Icon wedged between Preset [Default] and View:Tracing Result.9.50 - Using the pen tool. Click to make first anchor point. Next, click to make a second anchor point and keep holding mouse. Stretch your cursor and the line you drew will begin to bend. If your bend goes in a crazy direction, hit undo and then hold shift+click the last anchor point. That will eliminate any predictive curves.