Horror DVD, Laserdisc, Bluray, and VHS Update 03/08/13

by: mrparka     Published on: 09 March 2013

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Laserdiscs1. To Die For2. Curse 3: Blood Sacrifice 3. Curse 4: The Ultimate Sacrifice 4. Spellcaster (guilty pleasure)Blu-Rays5. Night of the Demons 2 (not a fan) 6. Ticks (Recommended) 7. Escape from New York (been awhile) 8. Thing, the (recommended) 9. Lone Wolf and Cub Collection 10. Sushi Girl11. Hellbreeder12. Monster Squad (recommended) 13. Mimesis (recommended) 14. Pig/1334 15. Nest, the (guilty pleasure) 16. Prison (Recommended) 17. Deadly Blessing18. Terrorvision/ The Video DeadVHS19. August Underground VHS BOX Set from Massacre Video (Recommended) 20. Beaks: The Movie 21. I Married a Vampire22. Andy Warhol's Dracula (recommended) 23. Tales of the Unknown24. Quest, the25. Deadly Eyes (recommended) 26. Forgotten One, the 27. Crawlers, the 28. Blood Games29. Peanut Butter Solution 30. Brain Damage by Al Adamson31. Escape from Blood Plantation 32. Night Brings Charlie (guilty pleasure) 33. Skullduggery34. Spellcaster (guilty pleasure) 35. Maxim Xul (not a fan) 36. Deadly Intruder 37. Demons of Ludlow38. Bees, the 39. Redsin Tower, the (Recommended) From Massacre Video40. Home for the Holidays Clamshell41. Home for the Holidays StarmakerDVD42. Charles Bronson Boxset,a. Death Wish 2 (recommended)b. Death Wish 3 (guilty pleasure) c. Death Wish 4 d. 10 to Midnighte. Mechanic, the43. Witch's Brew (recommended) 44. Alien Opponent 45. I Didn't Come Here To Die (recommended) 46. Disco Pigs 47. Rumble Fish 48. Shooting April 49. Linnea Quigley a. Nightmare Sistersb. Deadly Embracec. Murder Weapon50. Manborg (recommended) 51. Long Pig52. Seeds of Evil and Touch of Satan 53. Repligator (for nudity lol) 54. Night of the Tentacles (recommended) 55. Bath Salt Zombies (worth a look) 56. Cassadaga 57. Millennium Bug (Recommended) 58. This Stuff Will Kill Ya and the Year of the Yahoo59. Barbarians, the (Deodato) 60. Bride of the Re-Animator Umbrella Release61. Deported Women of the SS62. Riot in a Women's Prison63. Creepozoids 64. End of the World65. Caged Women66. Zambo67. Thor The Conqueror 68. SS Hellcamp69. Creeps, the (guilty pleasure) 70. Evil Clergyman, the 71. Citadel 72. Graverobbers and Monstrosity 73. Deadly Detour (guilty pleasure) 74. I Spill Your Guts (not a fan) 75. Trashology (worth a look) 76. Rabid Grannies (2 Disc Set) 77. Devil Within (worth a look) 78. Celia: Child of Terror 79. Incubus 80. Love God (recommended) Mrparka and Average Joe Reviewshttp://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLHvZsv2cDQqD35gdqWodOBre06DHtvf_2&feature=view_allMrparka Facebook Grouphttp://www.facebook.com/groups/mrparka/?ref=ts&fref=tsMimesis Review on Facebook. http://www.facebook.com/video/embed?video_id=756451215541Rat Weekhttp://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLHvZsv2cDQqB2io-ZVEfcWaR9tX8EU9c3&feature=view_allMassacre Videohttp://massacrevideo.com/site/Toe Tag http://toetag.biz/