How Do You Become a Reenactor? (Ft. Chris P.)

by: Brandon F.     Published on: 29 September 2019

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Description :

To see more of our collaboration videos, visit Chris' channel here! one of the 54th's regular drilling sessions, Chris P. and I stepped aside to record this video about how we both got involved in reenacting and offer some advice for potential newcomers to the hobby. We hope that our stories and advice will prove useful to anyone else who may be interested in getting started (no matter what time period) but isn't quite sure where to begin!To learn more about AWI Reenacting in your area, visit the BAR at: on Facebook, at: learn more about the 54th specifically, visit us at: can follow me on Twitch and Facebook! you'd like to support the channel, consider giving on Patreon or shopping with my Amazon affiliate link! you're interested in a free 30 day trial with Audible, and two free audio books, you can sign up at my referral link and I will receive a small bounty from Amazon (this is NOT a paid sponsorship, only a referral link)