How I Found A Software Developer Job... In Germany!!

by: Emma Wedekind     Published on: 22 December 2018

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In February 2018, I sold everything I owned, quit my job, and flew my two cats from Austin, Texas to Karlsruhe, Germany. Find out why I chose Germany, what the interview process was like, and how difficult it was to get a visa!0:06: Why Germany?1:02: What was the interview process like?5:06: Do you code in English or German?5:15: Did you know German before moving?5:55: Where did you look for a job?6:20: Isn't the salary lower?7:00: How was the relocation process?7:34: What did you need to get a visa?9:40: How did you relocate your pets?10:52: Did you ship your belongings?Twitter: