How I made $2,500 per month selling wholesale products from Alibaba

by: Business Mindset Ink.     Published on: 11 January 2017

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****** VIEW THE BLOG POST ******* In this blog post, I go more in-depth on How You Can Get Started In Wholesale using is a website where you can purchase products in bulk for a percentage of the retail price. You can sell these products online or in your local area. Last year I averaged $2,500 a month from buying and selling products from I buy products at wholesale price and sell them at retail prices.I sold almost all of my products locally. I posted them on apps like offerup, letgo, 5 miles and craigslist and that's how I sold most of my inventory.If this video helped you out, go ahead and hit the LIKE button and SUBSCRIBE for more videos. Don't forget to comment down below and share your experience!***** FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA *****Facebook: