HOW I MANIFESTED $15,000 WITH LAW OF ATTRACTION... (not clickbait)

by: Supreme Banana     Published on: 27 December 2018

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Yes. I literally manifested $15,000 within 2.5 months. Yes. Manifestation & the Law of Attraction is real guys. I am so damn thankful & had to share my story so YOU guys can now go out there and manifest yo dream life and MAKE THAT BREAD OKURRRR. And I KNOW there are tons of peeps out there that just don't want to believe this stuff. But, this of it this way- what do you have to lose? 🦋MY FREAKING MERCH🦋:🦋MY FREAKING POETRY BOOK🦋:♢CONNECT WITH ME♢ INSTA: @MsSupremeBananaSNAPCHAT: MsSupremeBananaBUSINESS EMAIL: [email protected] MANIFESTATION INFO:- How To Manifest Anything: How To Manifest Money: Receive Unexpected Money: How To Manifest Money Fast:☾Veganized Playlist:☾"What I Ate Today" Playlist:☾Travel Playlist:☾ Mental Health Playlist:☾Poetic Playlist: Filming Gear:✧Studio Lights:✧Camera Body:✧Camera Lens (best lens I've ever owned):✧External Microphone (attaches to camera):✧Vlogging Camera:✧Tripod (i've owned like 10 tripods lol and this one is my favorite): are Amazon Associate Links. I am not sponsored by Amazon but if you use links I get a liiiiiittle bit of credit! So it's a win-win for both of us! Woo!)✖Use Uber code "camip20" for a free ride! (this also gives me a free ride so I would really appreciate it thank u ily)✖ Subscribe to my second channel (plz):♡ This video is not sponsored :)#lawofattraction #manifestation