How Many Seconds In Eternity | THE VAMPIRE DIARIES Version! | Rescore HD

by: Lyndon Coleman     Published on: 24 May 2019

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Hello! This was very fun to make :D There's an amazing scene in The Vampire Diaries (Season 7) where Damon dies over and over again. Reminded me of the scene in Doctor Who (Series 9) where the 12th Doctor was in the same situation! Edited the whole scene to fit the Doctor Who version and rescored the music to 'The Shepherd's Boy'. Think it works really well! Please share and enjoy :) Doctor Who version - IS A FAN MADE VIDEO, FROM WHICH I DO NOT PROFIT AND DO NOT CLAIM THE ORIGINAL WORKS AS MY OWN)#TheVampireDiaries #DoctorWho #CrossoverTags:Rose / The End of the World / The Unquiet DeadAliens of London / World War Three / DalekThe Long Game / Father's Day / The Empty Child / The Doctor DancesBoom Town / Bad Wolf / The Parting of the WaysThe Christmas Invasion / New EarthTooth and Claw / School Reunion / The Girl in the FireplaceRise of the Cybermen / The Age of Steel / The Idiot's LanternThe Impossible Planet / The Satan Pit / Love and MonstersFear Her / The Army of Ghosts / DoomsdayThe Runaway BrideSmith and Jones / The Shakespeare Code / GridlockDaleks in Manhattan / Evolution of the Daleks / The Lazarus Experiment / 42Human Nature / The Family of Blood / BlinkUtopia / The Sound of Drums / Last of the TimelordsVoyage of the DamnedPartners in Crime / The Fires of Pompeii / Planet of the OodThe Sontaran Stratagem / The Poison Sky / The Doctor's Daughter / The Unicorn and the WaspSilence in the Library / Forest of the Dead / MidnightTurn Left / The Stolen Earth / Journey's EndThe Next Doctor / Planet of the Dead / The Waters of Mars / The End of Time Part 1 and 2The Eleventh Hour / The Beast Below / Victory of the DaleksThe Time of Angels / Flesh and Stone / Vampires in Venice / Amy's ChoiceThe Hungry Earth / Cold Blood / Vincent and the DoctorThe Lodger / The Pandorica Opens / The Big BangA Christmas CarolThe Impossible Astronaut / Day of the Moon / The Curse of the Black SpotThe Doctor's Wife / The Rebel Flesh / The Almost PeopleA Good Man Goes to War / Let's Kill Hitler / Night Terrors / The Girl Who WaitedGod Complex / Closing Time / The Wedding of River SongThe Doctor, The Widow and the WardrobeAsylum of the Daleks / Dinosaurs on a Spaceship / A Town Called MercyThe Power of Three / The Angels Take ManhattanThe Snowman / The Bells of Saint John / The Rings of AkhatenThe Cold War / Hide - The Hider in the House / Journey to the Center of the TARDISThe Crimson Horror / The Last Cyberman - Nightmare in Silver / Name of the Doctor - River Songs FuneralNight and the Doctor / Unreleased scenes / Series 6 boxsetTrailers / Teaser trailers / Ultimate trailers / Unlimited Rice PuddingDoctor WhoChristopher Ecclestone - Ninth Doctor / 9thDavid Tennant - Tenth Doctor / 10thMatt Smith - Eleventh Doctor / 11thBillie Piper - Rose TylerFreema Agyeman - Martha JonesCatherine Tate - Donna NobleKaren Gillan - Amy PondArthur Darvill - Rory WilliamsJenna-Louise Coleman - Clara / OswinAlex Kingston - River Song / Melody PondCaitlin Blackwood — Amelia PondFrances Barber — Madame KovarianComic ConSeries 1Series 2Series 3Series 4Series 5Series 6Series 7Series 8Series 9The Sarah Jane AdventuresTorchwood Children of Earth Miracle DayAttack of the GraskeChildren in NeedTime CrashThe Infinite QuestExtrasThe Music of the SpheresDreamlandTonight's the NightBBC1 BBC One Christmas IndentsOnline Adventure GamesThe PromsThe National Television AwardsMeanwhile in the TARDISTime / SpaceConfidentialPrequelsDeath is the Only AnswerGood as GoldUltimate Trailer50th AnniversaryRegenerationRomanaRaniThe Weeping AngelsThe Fields of TrenzaloreThe Fall of the EleventhThe First QuestionThe Day of the DoctorThe Time of the DoctorDeep BreathInto the DalekRobot of SherwoodListen Time HeistThe CaretakerKill the MoonMummy on the Orient ExpressFlatlineIn the Forest of the NightDark WaterDeath in Heaven Last ChristmasThe Magician's ApprenticeThe Witch's Familiar Under The LakeBefore the FloodThe Girl who DiedThe Woman who LivedThe Zygon InvasionThe Zygon InersionSleep No MoreFace the RavenHeaven SentHell BentThe Husbands of River SongThe Return of Doctor MysterioThe PilotSmileThin IceKnock Knock OxygenExtremisThe Pyramid at the End of the WorldThe Lie of the LandEmpress MarsThe Eaters of LightWorld Enough and TimeThe Doctor FallsTwice Upon A Time