How Morbius Connects To Spider-Man And The MCU + Everything We Know, Release Date, Plot & Cast

by: Heavy Spoilers     Published on: 13 January 2020

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How Morbius Connects To Spider-Man And The MCU + Everything We Know So Far, Release Date, Plot & Cast. We discuss how Morbius Connects to the Marvel Universe, the story, easter eggs and Vulture Michael Keaton Cameo#Morbius #SpiderMan #VultureRead More Like How Morbius Connects To Spider-Man And The MCU + Everything We Know, Release Date, Plot & Cast here - you enjoyed this video then please subscribe to the channel some awesome Heavy Spoilers show clothes, phonecases and accessories at - You Want To Help Support The Channel So I Can Make More Videos Like This Please Donate Here:* ----- SOCIAL MEDIA ----- */Follow Me On Social Media At:* ----- DISCORD ----- */Join our Discord Community at -* ----- VOICEHUB ----- */Listen To Audio Recordings Of The Show at -* ----- VIDEO INFORMATION ----- */ Throughout this video we'll be discussing the release date of Morbius, it's cast as well as how it connects to the MCU.There's lots of questions surrounding the release as it's the first Spider-verse film since the new Sony Disney deal and in this we're gonna be breaking down everything you need to know about how the two entities are combining forces.Now there may be some spoilers here so if you don't want anything potentially ruined about the film and some of it's cameos then I highly suggest that you turn off now.Morbius Release DateOk so Morbius is due to release on the 31st of July this year.Originally the film was going to be release on the 10th of the same month, however after the Ghostbusters reboot/sequel was announced, the webheads over at the studio decided to push back the upcoming film so that it could have the opening weekend all to itself.This also puts it bang in the middle of the summer blockbuster season and after Venom's successful theatrical run, it makes sense to drop the movie at a time when it can get the most exposure, especially due to the lack of competition.That doesn't mean that this will be a sure fire hit though as Tenet releases two weeks before Morbius and Disney's Jungle Cruise drops on the 24th.Morbius PlotAs for the plot, though we don't know the specifics just yet, the film is expected to stick relatively closely to his origin story which we see pretty much play out in the trailer.I say stick closely to it, obviously Spider-man isn't a part of it but hey, it's close enough.Incase you don't know, Morbius is actually a Nobel Prize Winning Biologist named Michael who suffers from a rare blood condition. We see this in the trailer and it leaves him disabled and close to death at all points.Trying to cure it he gives himself an experimental treatment that involves injecting Vampire Bat DNA directly into his veins and though this cures him, it also curses him with something far worse.This transforms him into a sort of vampire that is weakened by sunlight. Morbius must feed on blood in order to survive and he quickly becomes a predator of the night.Where Morbius differs from your typical Count Dracula is that he only feeds on the blood of bad people and this has sort of turned him into an Anti-Hero.We saw a similar aesthetic in Venom with Eddie Brock agreeing to only eat the evil-doers of the world at the end of the movie and this plot motif will likely reappear here.Morbius CastAs for the cast list, there's actually a couple of big names attached to the movie and it's bringing in a lot of new names to the marvel fold.This includes of course Jared Leto as well as Adria Arjona who will be playing his fiance, Matt Smith who is playing Crown, a villain from the comic books that will go head to head with the character and Tyrese Gibson who is the actor that let it slip that this was connected to the MCU.Gibson is playing an FBI agent, Agent Simon Stroud who you may know from the comics as being someone that hunted Morbius in several runs.Music By Lakey Inspired» Patreon:» Spotify:» SoundCloud:» Instagram:» SnapChat: Lakeyinspired"Vibes"Instrumental by Homage CREDIT - SPVCEMAN✘ YT ⇒✘ buy / lease ⇒✘ IG ⇒✘ TW ⇒ ✘ SC ⇒ ✘ Contact ⇒ [email protected]