How The Horcrux Was Crucial For Tom Riddle's Transition Into Voldemort

by: Harry Potter Folklore     Published on: 30 March 2019

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The creation of Tom Riddle's first Horcrux was instrumental in his transition into Lord Voldemort. In todays video, I’m going to look at the moments leading up to Tom deciding that creating a horcrux would be his route of immortality regardless of the consequences so If dark magic from the wizarding world is your area of interest, then stick won’t want to miss this. Watch La Maitre De La Mort here Out HPF’s artist Dany’s Work Here:Facebook: Out UpTheHill’s Work Here:Deviant Art: your Patreon Support Follow me on Instagram Merchandise Store TSHIRTS to the channel me on Instagram Us On Facebook Me On Twitter Amazon for everything Harry Potter: Disclaimer: All fan art photos with the ©HarryPotterFolklore belong to the channel creator exclusively under HPF Media LLC. Any other fan art has been pre-approved for use. Any false copyright claims may be dealt with legally.