How to Draw Tiny Faces - an exercise in simplification

by: Love Life Drawing     Published on: 18 April 2018

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This is another exercise in simplification - drawing tiny faces. We are going to have to understand the essential things about the face in order to make a coherent drawing at this size.This tutorial focuses on how to do that simplification - which lines are essential, like the upper eyelids and eyelashes or the bottom edge of the nose, and which can be let go, like the lines running down the sides of the nose.We also look at the order and sequencing options - should you start with the face and build the head and then the figure, or build the figure's structure, then the head and then the facial features?Keep in mind that the point of all of this is to learn to be decisive and to simplify. We don't want to be tentative, or to try to jam in as much tiny detail as possible. Also, remember that for most practice, drawing big is a good thing. Tiny drawing is just a special exercise to help us stay outside of our comfort zones and keep learning.Our Instagram: Facebook: us know if a Facebook group would be useful to you.The reference photos of the life models are from the amazing Croquis Cafe resource.Music: Fresh Fallen Snow by Chris Haugen, Earle's Bar Room Rocker by Midnight North, Wishful Thinking by Dan Lebowitz, Room for Two? by Dan Lebowitz