How To Get Out Of A Bad Date!

by: Dan and Riya     Published on: 12 December 2016

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Have you ever been on such a bad date, that you couldn't think of any excuses to get out of the bad date? We came up with some pretty awesome excuses on how to leave a bad date! It isn't that hard to escape a bad date whether it is a girl or a guy. Some dates can be a disaster, so sometimes we all just need the perfect phone call to GET OUT of the bad date. Enjoy this little funny video, and NEVER have to sit through a bad date again because dating is really hard! But sometimes we need to go through bad dates in order to find the perfect boyfriend or the perfect girlfriendNEW VIDEOS EVERY MONDAY AND THURSDAY! SUBSCRIBE! Previous video:'s Social Media:Instagram: dankipnisFacebook:'s Social Media:Instagram: itsriyamalikFacebook: