How To Graph Equations - Linear, Quadratic, Cubic, Radical, & Rational Functions

by: The Organic Chemistry Tutor     Published on: 16 February 2016

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This video shows you how to graph almost any equation that you may encounter in Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, College Algebra, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, or Calculus AP course.Example Problems Include The Following Topics:1. How To Graph Linear Equations By Making a Data Table and Plotting Points2. How To Graph Linear Equations In Slope Intercept Form Without a Calculator - Y=mx+b3. Graphing Linear Equations In Standard Form By Finding The X and Y Intercepts: Ax+By=C4. How To Graph Horizontal and Vertical Line Equations5. How To Graph Linear Equations Containing Inequalities By Handand How To Identify The Right Region To Shade6. How To Use The Slope Even If It's a Fraction or How To Use Rise over Run To Find The Next Successive Point After Plotting The Y-intercept.7. How To Graph a Quadratic Equation In Standard Step By StepY = ax^2+bx+c8. Graphing Quadratic Equations In Vertex Form Y = a(x-h)^2+k9. How To Convert a Quadratic Equation In Standard Form Into Vertex Form or Factored Form By Completing The Square9. How To Find The Vertex of a Quadratic Equation By Using X = -b/2a to find the axis of symmetry and the maximum and minimum point.10. How To Graph Absolute Value Functions / Equations Using Transformations & slope.11. How To Graph Cubic Functions Using Horizontal & Vertical Shifts12. How To Graph Radical Functions - Square Root & Cube Root Using Reflection About The X and Y Axis13. How To Graph Rational Functions Includind 1/x and 1/x^214. How To Find The Horizontal, Vertical, & Slant or Oblique Assymptote of a Rational Function15. How To Graph Exponential Equations By Making a Table Plotting Two Points and The Horizontal Assymptote16. How To Graph Logarithmic Functions By Making a Table Plotting Two Points and The Vertical Assymptote