How to grow potatoes indoors

by: Ulinks     Published on: 27 December 2017

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how to grow potatoes indoors. You can growing potatoes indoors year-round if you have a sunny window or grow lights. see more here: easy to growing potatoes in a pot indoors.1. Selecting Potatoes and Supplies for growing potatoes indoors.2. Know when to plant what potatoes. Plant main crop varieties in the middle of spring, around May or June, and harvest them around October. you can also grow potatoes indoors under light.3. Select a large container. A potato plant needs roughly 2.5 gallons (10 liters) to develop. The larger your pot, the more potatoes you can grow.4. Make sure your pot has plenty of drainage holes.5. Prepare your growing medium. A mixture made of equal parts potting soil and multi-purpose compost will provide your tubers with a nutritional medium rich in organic material.6. Leave your seed potatoes in a cool, dark place. water potatoes.7. Move your potatoes to a light yet cool location once a few eyes have developed.8. Trim off excess eyes.9. Cut the potatoes in half. 10. Cover the bottom of your pot with crocks (broken clay pot pieces) or small stones. 11. Fill your pot with 4 to 6 inches (10 to 15 centimeters) of your growing medium.12. Place your seed potatoes in the pot. 13. Cover your tubers with an additional 4 to 5 inches (10 to 13 centimeters) of growing medium. 14. Water lightly. The soil should be moist to the touch but not can also growing potatoes at home in apot. Follow us on -Subscribe Ulinks channel : page : profile : channel link: and Tips on ulinks about gardening. We've gathered a list of some of the most common houseplants to avoid as well as care instructions for plants. and learn the health benefits through gardening. new videos are updated daily. subscribe to get new updates.