How to Make a PREMIUM Website with WordPress - Complete Tutorial

by: wpSculptor     Published on: 18 February 2016

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Description : (My Affiliate Link to Purchase the Divi theme)http://wpsculptor.comIn this comprehensive tutorial, I show you how to create a state-of-the art website with WordPress. WordPress is a content management system used by many prominent brands and blogs. I also use the Premium Divi theme from Elegant Themes to create the website used in this tutorial and I think you’ll find the Divi theme just as amazing as I do. You’ll have the ability to add all types of content and customize virtually every component of your WordPress website. ***Please help support me by liking the video and subscribing to my channel. Thank you so much for the support you’ve given me thus far!Affiliate Links (You can support me by using these links to purchase the Divi theme and a Hosting Account): Purchase the Divi theme: Purchase Hosting: HostGator Coupon Codes: wpsculptor1cent (Get your first month of hosting for 1 cent.) wpsculptor30 (Get up to 50% off your hosting order! *Best Value)CSS Code used in the video: min-height: 720px;text-shadow: 1px 1px #000000;min-height: 240px; #footer-info {display: none;}Video Table of Contents (Click on the time codes to be taken to that part in the video)0:00:00 Introduction0:00:08 Tutorial Overview - (Website Walkthrough)0:04:04 Setting up a domain name and hosting account - My HostGator affiliate: -Coupon Codes: wpsculptor1cent (Get your first month of hosting for 1 cent.) wpsculptor30 (Get up to 50% off your hosting order! *Best Value) *Thanks in advance!0:11:19 Installing WordPress onto your hosting account0:15:20 Logging in to the backend of your WordPress website0:16:13 WordPress Basics (Deactivate coming soon page, change password, using the admin bar)0:19:27 Installing the Divi theme -Please Purchase the Divi theme through my Affiliate Link: *YOU ARE AWESOME :)0:25:23 Accessing additional Divi video tutorials0:26:08 Creating Pages 0:28:41 Choosing which page you want to be your home page0:30:10 Setting up the Main Navigation Menu0:34:46 Setting up a Top Bar Navigation Menu (above the header)0:35:36 Choosing a Professional Color Scheme0:41:19 Applying your Custom Color Scheme to your website0:44:15 Changing the Site Title and Tagline0:45:24 Setting up an Optional Boxed Layout0:47:11 Setting up the Header1:02:52 Creating a Custom Logo (If you already have a logo, feel free to skip ahead to the next step)1:11:07 Adding your Logo to your website1:12:06 Creating a “Favicon” (This is the tiny icon that shows up for different websites on browser tabs)1:15:39 Adding Content to the About Us Page1:20:46 How to get Free High Quality Stock Photos1:29:44 Changing your website Font settings and choosing a Custom Font1:32:21 Customizing the About Page page title 1:34:04 Setting up the Media Page *Tip: To add, remove, or rearrange images in your gallery, just click on the gallery module settings button and click on “Update Gallery”1:39:45 How to Rearrange your Modules1:40:18 Setting up the Frequently Asked Questions Page1:44:12 Setting up the Contact Us Page1:50:38 Setting up the Our Packages Page2:11:29 Setting up the Schedule a Free Lesson Page2:17:21 Setting up the Home Page (The Nitty-Gritty)2:17:56 Setting up the Top Section CSS Code used: min-height: 720px;2:36:06 Adding a Video Background to the Top Section2:44:42 Adding a Text Shadow to the Slogan to make it stand out more CSS Code used: text-shadow: 1px 1px #000000; 2:46:33 Creating a New Section with Custom Blurb Modules2:54:21 Creating a New Section with a Custom Background Color and a Call to Action 2:58:00 How to Rearrange different Sections2:59:04 Adding a New Section with multiple Modules3:12:09 Using Section Background Images with the Parallax Effect3:16:35 Setting up the Testimonial section3:30:23 Making your Testimonial Modules the same height CSS Code used: min-height: 240px;3:32:20 How to Save Custom Layouts and Apply them to Other Pages3:38:24 How to Update the Divi Theme to the Latest Version3:41:04 Setting Up the Footer Area3:47:13 Removing the Divi and WordPress Attributions in the Footer - CSS Code used: #footer-info {display: none;}3:48:39 Setting up the Optional Social Media Links in the Footer and Customizing the Bottom Bar3:51:09 How to Make Site Headings Bold3:52:10 Text Title Adjustment for a Mobile Friendly Site3:54:29 How You Can Show Your Support