How To Make the Perfect Burger

by: HowToBasic     Published on: 18 August 2019

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Today I show you how to make the worlds best burger. This burger recipe has been perfected over the years. I can now proudly say that it is complete. This is by far the best burger you will ever taste. Don't believe me? Try it for yourself. Simply follow the step by step instructions in this burger tutorial and you will construct the greatest burger you have ever tasted. Enjoy!*INGREDIENTS*1 tbs peanut oil1 kg chicken thigh fillets3 tbs curry powder1 brown onion diced large3 garlic cloves crushed2 tbs tomato paste2 tbs sugar400g coconut cream2 cups rice *to serveSpecial thanks to Max for helping me construct this burger.Check out his channel: SHARE this delicious burger recipe around! TWEET IT► EGGBOOK IT► Click Here To Eggscribe! --► a video Suggestion? Post it in the Comments Section, Contact me through my Facebook page or Tweet me!Connect with me!Facebook ► ► ► Channel ► T-Shirts & Eggy Merchandise ►"I'm HowToBasic" shirts and Egg plushies ► someone that loves burgers? Link them to this delicious recipe!