How to make your website look like WordPress theme demo

by: TemplateMonster     Published on: 23 February 2018

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Most of the web templates are designed with the WordPress demo content so that you can install it and start using it right away. But what if you’ve installed a template on your Wordpress website, but the homepage is still empty? You’re wondering why doesn’t it look like a demo? Watch this video and learn how to install WordPress theme with demo content. It is easier than you think. Spend just two minutes and you will easily install the demo content for your website.Subscribe to our channel and share the video if it helped. Good luck with your website and filling your WordPress theme with demo content!Once you download and install a custom WordPress theme it looks like anything but a beautiful demo preview you saw on the theme shop.How to get the default design and pages? Import Demo Content! ↓Step-by-Step Guide:1. Upload the archive with a theme, install and activate it, install the plugins;2. Go to the Demo Content section on the left sidebar;3. Press 'Import' and in the archive with a theme find a file called 'sample_data.xml';4. Set the page type 'static' and choose 'display page - Home';5. Enjoy the result! 2018’s Best Premium WordPress Themes from TemplateMonster: to Our Channel: us: Facebook