How to Paint Wicker Chairs | DIY with My Mom

by: AKIYIAKELLY     Published on: 24 October 2018

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💢(( Error: I am so sorry.I said the Wrong name for the Clear Coat.The Correct Name is:Called Polycrylic.)) Hello Family:This Video is About How My Mom Repainted My Old Wicker Chairs.I was about to throw them out.My mom Told me Not too. She Said all they Needed was Cleaning and a New Coat of Paint. 😀So That's What She did.I Wanted to Share this with you Guys.You may have some old chairs or furniture that just need to be:Cleaned and Repainted. I hope this Video will help you. We Got All the Materials Used in the Video fromLowes Home Improvement store.To Contact my Mom about gettingyour Furniture Redone please Contact herat: AKiyiaglenn@hotmail.comYou will be so Glad you did!Thank you so Much for Watching!Please Click Here to Subscribe to My Channel: Check Out More of My DIY Videos Please Click on the Link Below: Blessed.#Diy#EasyDiy#Changeup#DontThrowAway#HomeDIY#FurnitureDYI