How to Stop Breastfeeding

by: Howcast     Published on: 03 February 2010

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Watch more How to Feed Your Baby videos: to wean your baby or toddler? Button your shirt for good with the help of these steps.WarningConsult your pediatrician if you must wean suddenly, and for advice on your baby's diet.Step 1: Wean graduallyStop breastfeeding gradually, knowing that the process could take weeks or months. Step 2: Decide whether to bottle-feedDecide whether to give your baby a bottle. If they're less than one year old, they still need pumped breast milk or formula and may need to suck on a bottle to be soothed. TipIf your breasts become painfully engorged due to skipped feedings, use a warm compress or let warm water run over your breasts in the shower.Step 3: Replace breastfeeding with bottle feedingsReplace breastfeeding with bottle feedings one feeding at a time. Once your baby consistently accepts the bottle at one feeding, add another.TipMany babies who have been breastfed are reluctant to take a bottle from their mothers. Have someone else offer the bottle. Step 4: Offer toddlers a cup or snackOffer toddlers a cup of pumped breast milk, formula, whole milk, or water; or a snack of solid foods instead of breastfeeding.Step 5: Change your routineChange a toddler's routine to avoid the things they associate with breastfeeding. If you had a habit of breastfeeding in a rocking chair, read her stories on the couch instead.Step 6: Offer extra cuddlesOffer extra cuddles and special time with your baby or toddler. Let them know that you're still there for them, even if you're no longer breastfeeding.Did You Know?Did you know? In theory, men are capable of breastfeeding.