How to WRITE Harmonies! [Vocal Harmony Tutorial]

by: Saher Galt     Published on: 21 January 2017

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How to write beautiful vocal harmony parts using a modernized and refined version of a technique from the 1500s. Private lessons: a patron of this channel: other Vocal Harmony tutorials: to name intervals: the awesome power of counterpoint to create deeply satisfying relationships between lines, we've dropped many of the quibbling contrapuntal rules that've become antiquated to the modern ear. What's left are a short set of easy-to-follow guidelines for how to write harmonies that are gorgeous, effective and modern sounding. Works for writing vocal harmonies but also harmonizing any instrumental line too--guitar riffs, string lines and synth leads. In the process, learn the mechanics of how melodies interact and get a window into how you can develop your own individual sound for your harmony writing and composing in general. Recommended to SING the harmonies and types of motion to get the feel for them!If you've been wondering how to harmonize, this is a technique to compose your own harmonies! Singing vocal harmony is such a transcendent experience, this video reveals a technique I've hewn from counterpoint to create gorgeous sounding harmonizing lines. I've refined many of the principle constraints to update the concepts for the modern ear and free us from many of the rigid, nit-picky rules of traditional species counterpoint. The result is a straightforward set of concepts to guide your hand toward effective harmony parts while allowing for quite a lot of creative freedom at the same time.