I Rode In Tesla's Cybertruck And It's Beautiful (On The Inside)

by: MrMobile [Michael Fisher]     Published on: 23 November 2019

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Sponsored by NordVPN. Get 70% off, plus an additional month for FREE at:[TESLA CYBERTRUCK TEST RIDE]When Tesla said it was building an electric pickup truck, my biggest fear was that the company would take an existing Tesla, chop off the back and bolt a bed on. That might look okay when Simone Giertz does it – actually I saw her “Truckla” Tesla pickup truck here in Los Angeles and it looks amazing – but I didn’t want to see Tesla become one of those predictable companies that just iterates on an existing design and tries to make it exciting with a splashy press event (kinda like most every smartphone launch of the past few years). Fortunately, Elon Musk was in no mood to make something boring when he dreamed up the Cybertruck. I was on hand at the Tesla CYBRTRK launch event at the company’s Design Center in Hawthorne, CA and I even got to take a Cybertruck test ride of my own! Join me for my first impressions of the first electric pickup truck that stands a proper chance of changing the way we get work done on the road![SUBSCRIBE TO MRMOBILE][ABOUT MRMOBILE'S TESLA CYBERTRUCK TEST RIDE]MrMobile's Tesla Cybertruck Hands-On was produced following the Tesla Cybertruck launch event and a two-minute Cybertruck test ride at the Tesla launch event in Hawthorne, CA. MrMobile does not produce paid or sponsored reviews; Tesla was not offered copy approval and no compensation was requested or provided in exchange for this Cybertruck coverage. [LINKS]I TURNED MY TESLA INTO A PICKUP TRUCK [Simone Giertz]: Londre Tesla CYBRTRK Tonneau top video [Twitter]:[SOCIALIZE][DISCLOSURE]This post may contain affiliate links, which afford Mobile Nations a commission if you make a purchase. See Mobile Nations' disclosure policy for more details: #cybrtrk #tesla #electriccar #ev #pickup #teslacybertruck #teslacybrtrk