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Here is Ilami Movie Scene.Ilami is a 2016 Indian Tamil period drama film. This Film narration of the history of Jallikattu and how it was an integral part Tamil’s living in a particular locality. The story is set in the 18th century (1715 AD). directed by J. Julian Prakash, based on the backdrop of Jallikattu. It features Yuvan and Anu Krishna in the lead roles, with Akhil and Ravi Mariya in supporting roles, and Kishore in a guest appearance.The Story Of this Movie is Ilami (Anu Krishna) is the daughter of Kiliyur’s chieftain Veerayyan (Ravi Mariya). She is in love with Karuppu (Yuvan) a Mangulam resident who involves in hunting with his friends.Kiliyur and Mangulam are neighboring villages located near the ancient town of Madurai. They are friendly on surface but have an undercurrent of resentment over an idol of lord Karuppu.The deity which is common to both the villages has been taken away by Kiliyur residents some two centuries ago. The Mangulam residents deem it as a matter of prestige to bring back the idol to their village.Sadaipuli (Akhil) a brawny and cunning youngster from Mangulam instigates a quarrel between the two villages over the deity, for his selfish gains. Veerayyan announces that he will return the idol and give his daughter to the one who tames his bull in the Vadam Jallikattu (the toughest form of the ancient Bull-taming sport).Subscribe for more Latest Tamil HD Full Movies,Songs