Iljimae MV | Yong x Bong Soon | Do you really want my love?

by: harukno     Published on: 18 November 2011

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Please, SUBSCRIBE for my NEW ACCOUNT: (harukno89) And so I finaly finished this... It took me at least four days to finish it, and Sony Vegas REALLY didn't helped me out this time. And I had to render it more than three time until find the best color, and I didn't really know if this one is good, but I couldn't render it one more time (One of the times took me ONE HOUR to finish u.u). Well about the mv and the couple, It took me awhile to find a suitable music for them, but in the end I found this one pretty nice. Hope you like it also for the couple. I just love these two, couldn't like Eun Chae with Yong. Don't think she really loved him... She just admired Iljimae and that's all. Or at least, did not love him completely. She couldn't even recognize him, please ¬¬ Who could look at him in his eyes and didn't realize he was actually Iljimae? And Bong Soon clearly loved him until the end, and did everything for him. And I also loved the funny parts of the two of them sz I hope this mv do a good job representing them. Enjoy it :D I do not own the drama and the song, this MV is purely fanmade.