Inside a Furry Convention

by: Not Exactly Normal     Published on: 28 April 2019

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Try Dashlane here: 10% off now with my promo code: NormalInside the Furry Fandom, where fursuiting is all about community, not fetish.Support me on Patreon: do you think? Let me know in the comments!Special thanks to Cosplay Dawn for letting my try on one of their fur suits.This video is sponsored by Dashlane.----------------------------------------­-----------------------------Camera & Sound: Collin SiderisCamera: Andres SalazarAssociate Producer: Sam Sexton----------------------------------------­-----------------------------Sponsors:sita Jim ComptonBits O' WeirdnessSara JacobsRaphael MargreiterErin FiserChris WilsonCasimir AdiantumOÄŸulcan CingilerLubosh Eyebeesea Mark Nicholas Walesdarkmaster367 Timo Meijernils mccarthyJesse AllenMarshall LevinSusan GravesRobert OttemKatie GloverAnneli Emily Zinsitz----------------------------------------­-----------------------------Watch more:The Odd Days of Graveyard Warfare Val Verde Cinematic Universe The Strange World of Top-Down Instructional Videos­-----------------------------