Isolated Tribe's Touching Message for The Modern World (Uncontacted for 55,000 years) Jarawa

by: Bored Panda     Published on: 04 July 2018

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The Andaman Islands, part of the territory of India, is where the isolated Jarawa tribe, the supposedly dangerous people of these islands, used to live in peace. But modern society has put their survival at risk and their home has become a human zoo.Sign the petition to help the Jarawas: French duo of documentary filmmakers, Alexandre Dereims and Claire Beilvert, have launched a campaign pressuring the authorities to help the Jarawa in their fight for survival. After witnessing their problems on camera, they decided to give a voice to the Jawara people, presenting their struggles to the world in the hope of restoring the peace that they used to live in.Jarawas are believed to be direct descendants of the first people who migrated from Africa, they have remained isolated and untouched by the outside world for around 60,000 years. But today they might be gone in less than 10 years. The Andaman Islands used to be a safe haven for numerous other tribes as well, such as the Bo tribe, which, unfortunately, became extinct in 2010, when the last member of the Bo tribe died. Or the Sentinelese tribe, which, remains isolated and hostile towards any kind of attempt of establishing contact. We made a story about them as well: Fate of the Jarawa people is unknown, but one thing is certain – in order to survive, they will have to fight, and they will need all the support they can get.Subscribe to Bored Panda ( and watch it till the end. Please be sure to leave a like and a comment!VOICEOVER:The Voiceover BeardInstagram: @the.voiceover.beard https://www.thevoiceoverbeard.comMUSIC:UPRIGHT MUSIC PHOTOGRAPHY/FOOTAGE: We are Humanity / Alexandre Dereims / Andy / Denholm / / / /, Bild 183-R52035 / CC-BY-SA 3.0 (, via Wikimedia CommonsCollection House of Alijn, Ghent / Gautam / Jarawa Bas Relief / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 ( to Bored Panda channel: Bored Panda website: https://www.boredpanda.comLike us on Facebook: us on Instagram: us on Twitter: