Jaltay Gulab | Episode 23 | TV One Drama | 2nd December 2017

by: TV One     Published on: 02 December 2017

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Jaltay Gulab Episode 23 TV One Drama Starring: Zeba Bakhtiyar, Abid Ali, Humayun Ashraf, Anum Fayyaz, Yasir MazharDirector, Barkat SiddiqiThe nub of the story revolves around a beautiful romantic affair that is threatened by the fury of a malefactor. The tale is not only about relationships and how it is influenced by villainous characters of the drama, but it also highlights some serious issues that are currently prevalent in our society. This is a drama that foregrounds the issue of acid throwing on young women and how this gruesome act is no longer associated to taking revenge and personal grudges only, but has adopted the shape of a proper business.#TvOnePK Subscribe to TV One Global for unlimited entertainment us on Facebook Follow us on