by: Jeff Edits     Published on: 18 January 2019

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One of the newer members of the great Vlog Squad.. You did know him for sure, here is the highly requested best moments edition of Jeff Wittek in the Vlog Squad, all in one from 2018 and 2019 so far! He fits perfectly in this vlogger friend group! If you have any ideas or wishes for future uploads - let me know in the comments :) Other videos you might like: Deleted original vlog: The month, when David bought his dreamcar: First best moments of Corinna: Puns we will never forget by David and Liza: Behind the scenes: Subscribe for more edits, Lots of love Jeff! Best way to get David's merch: Get the newest content of David Dobrik: David's Instagram and Twitter: @daviddobrik Check out the podcast "Views" by David Dobrik and Jason Nash: Turn the Notifications on to get notified when a new video comes online! Contact/Follow me @ Comment your favourite vlog squad memeber :D Thank you for watching :)