Jet Li's Fist Of Legend (1994) Jet Li vs Chin Siu Ho Full Scene And Fight

by: U TS     Published on: 24 November 2017

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This Hong Kong martial artist is mostly known for having appeared in two films alongside Jet Li; “Fist of Legend” and “Tai Chi Master”. He began his film career in . Jet li vs the underrated chin siu ho. with the superior cantonese dub. like and share. i know there are lots of uploads of this fight but im uploading it anyway. "Fist Of Legend" Movie. (Also known as Chow Bei-lei) This former world kickboxing champion (WKA super welterweight) made appearances in popular 80s' and 90s' Hong Kong martial . Choreographed by Yuen Woo Ping. A really inventive fight showing old school kung fu from Siu Ho against modern kickboxing from Jet.