Joe Manganiello on stealing the Hand of Vecna | D&D Beyond

by: D&D Beyond     Published on: 12 December 2019

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Joe Manganiello explains his plan for stealing the Hand of Vecna during Critical Role, and how that lead to Arkhan the Cruel going to Avernus and appearing in the new official D&D adventure 'Baldur's Gate: Descent into Avernus'D&D Beyond is your official digital toolset for all things Dungeons & Dragons. D&D Character Builder: Monster Listing: Spell Listing: Marketplace: Beyond Original Articles: CONTENTEncounter of the Week: Class Guides: D&D Monsters: Spell Spotlights: & Dragons Lore: Talks: of the Vale: Update: & Dragons BOOKSPlayer's HandbookDungeon Master's GuideMonster ManualGuildmaster's Guide to RavnicaMordenkainene's Tome of FoesXanathar's Guide to EverythingVolo's Guide to MonstersSword Coast Aventure's GuideWayfinder's Guide to EberronThe Tortle PackageWaterdeep: Dungeon of the Mad MageWaterdeep: Dragon HeistTomb of AnnihilationStorm King's ThunderCurse of StrahdOut of the AbyssPrinces of the ApocalypseHoard of the Dragon QueenRise of Tiamat Lost Mine of PhandelverLost Laboratory of KwalishRrakkma#DnD #DungeonsAndDragons #JoeManganiello