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by: Action Ka Mahasangram     Published on: 23 May 2017

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"""Watch this Bollywood Hindi Action Movie """" Junoon - Once Upon A Time In Calcutta """" Starring :- Kumar Adarsh, Hansi Parmar, Esha Sarkar, Deepak Mukharji, Raja Choudhari.Synopsis : Nandini Ghosh is Chief news reporter of N T Networks. Top Communist leader ndraneel Majumdar is the MD of the channel. Bibha is also working in the channel who then becomes friendly with Nandini. and Nandini has her own secret mission. She makes a relation with Majumdar to achieve her goal. Som Deb, student union President of olkata University is being arrested by Police under the charge of sedition. He hides imself after being branded as anti national. Nandini and Bibha take him out and show his real patriotism to the nation. Majumdar has his own mission to spread Communism across india. To achieve this, he does all measures like supply of arms to Naxals, he arranges funds from Foreign countries, kills people, extorts etc. Amidst of this Election in state starts and ruling communistsfind it difficult to win as people are now agaist the atrocieties of communist cadres. Nandini is also one of the victim of Naxal Movement. Her entire family was burnt alive while she was secretly raised by her fathers obedient driver in Darjeeling as his own daughter. After getting knowledge of the truth. She comes to Kolkata to take her properties back and destroy communism from the nation. She takes shelter in Sonagachhi. Jubaida owner of one brothel supports her mission. Jubaida inspires her to be more educated and utilise her power of being woman to bend men. Som Deb is also a communist who admires Marx theory and Lenin’s effort but he is completely againt the voilence in achiving a class -less society. Will Nandini get success in her mission?Will Majumdar be able to spread communism?Will Som Deb spread a theory of Non-Voilence in Communism?Director : Kumar AdarshProducer : Kumar AdarshMusic : GufiStarring : Kumar Adarsh, Hansi Parmar, Esha Sarkar, Deepak Mukharji, Raja Choudhari"Action Ka Mahasangram is a One Stop Destination for all the Blockbuster South Dubbed Hindi 2016 Full Movies. We give you 24 hrs Non Stop action entertainment set the best for you.Action Ka Mahasangram is a Official Youtube Channel. Here you’ll be updated with some of the best Hindi Entertainment Movies in [HD].ONE STOP SHOP for the Best Hindi Action Movies, Drama , Comedy , Romance , Horror Movies for you to entertain 24 hours. Now Watch Premiere of New South Dubbed Hindi Movies & Best of Bollywood Movies A whole spectrum of songs,trailers from South Indian dubbed movies in Hindi have been put up dedicated for viewers from all over the World.Do Subscribe US for Daily Entertainment Updates: