Just Hang Up - Scams Against Seniors, Part 1

by: Reveal     Published on: 02 April 2013

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It all starts with a simple phone call or a piece of mail telling you that it's your lucky day. You've won the lottery! But there's a catch- to get your prize you need to send the caller a few small fees. And then a few more. Through incremental and persistent requests for money, con artists squeeze their victims out of funds they don't have, all the while promising that the prize winnings are just around the corner."Dan Rather Reports" investigates a scam that targets American seniors, bilking them out of hundreds of millions of dollars. But a few victims are fighting back and working with police to help trap their would-be tormentors. The trail leads to Jamaica where con artists have built a thriving organized crime network to prey on unsuspecting Americans.For more information on "Dan Rather Reports" visit: more great stories, subscribe to The I Files: THE CONVERSATION ONLINE:Like The I Files on Facebook: on Twitter: on Tumblr: http://theifiles.tumblr.comRepin on Pinterest: on Google+: