Justice League Trailer BREAKDOWN & EASTER EGGS - Comic Con Extended Trailer (2017) - Steppenwolf

by: New Rockstars     Published on: 28 July 2017

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The JUSTICE LEAGUE COMIC-CON TRAILER was 4 minutes full of references and easter eggs and this Justice League Trailer Breakdown dissects every single one! Thanks to MeUndies for sponsoring this video. Click here for 20% off your first order, or become a member and save 33% off your first pair. Our new friend Sam Bashor, and old friend, Filup Molina, also drop all sorts of Justice League theories on you... especially, WHO IS ALFRED TALKING TO??Now it's a FOUR MINUTE TRAILER and so you know that means this breakdown is going to be in-depth, so sit back and take this one all in, because it's a doozy. We get into what's in store for Ben Affleck's Batman, and what looks to be a dangerous bit of courtroom justice for Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot).Of course, Sam also geeks out over the Ezra Miller portrayal of the Flash, AND Filup is equally impressed with Jason Momoa and his Aquaman. Meanwhile, Cyborg seems to be dealing with his own drama, regarding motherboxes, apokolips, Steppenwolf, and why he looks like one of Darkseid's parademons.Amazing Green Lantern artwork by Phil Cho: WITH US!Facebook: WITH FILUP: WITH SAM: THANKS TO OUR PATREON SUPPORTERS (, including these beautiful people:Kelly HopperKenny SmithMatthew SalvasPony StarkWilhelmina EbbesonChris KellElisabeth HobbsDavid IaegerRise BellandiEric OliverChris ColeCole CallinExecutive Creative Director: Filup Molina Producer: Jeben BergPost Production Supervisor: Ericson Just