Kalahari Bushmen | African Tribes

by: Planet Doc Full Documentaries     Published on: 28 February 2015

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▶ SUBSCRIBE! Full Documentaries every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday!The bushmen once ranged over the entire continent, but they were displaced by Bantus pushing south. They took refuge in the Kalahari and namib deserts long before the arrival of the Europeans. Those who did not reach safety in the desert were exterminated or enslaved by the Bantus and the white people. It’s not surprising that the majority have alcohol problems.Luckily there are still some families holding onto their culture and traditions… including their hunting methods. Their most powerful weapon comes from under ground. Using metal bars they dig holes looking for the round objects that they’ll use to prepare a powerful poison. Back at camp, the men prepare to make the poison mixture. Then they chew the roots of the poisonous sansevieria plant and mix the resulting paste with the insides of the larvae and the seed powder, producing a liquid powerful enough to kill anything. All that's left is to apply the poison to some arrows. With the performance of the appropriate ritual, the spirits will show the way to find game. This is considered necessary in order to bring good luck and keep bad spirits away.The hunt has begun.They have hit a male oryx. If the arrow has hit a sensitive area, such as the neck or the lungs, the oryx will fall down dead in a matter of hours, but if not, the slow chase can go on for several days. The arrow punctured the oryx's left lung, resulting in a slow, painful death. The Bushmen are, in fact, extremely respectful of their natural environment, as many anthropologists have pointed out. This meat will provide enough food for a couple of weeks. They preserve it by smoking, and it belongs to the community as a whole. ▶ SUBSCRIBE |▶ FULL DOCUMENTARIES |▶ TRIBES DOCUMENTARIES |▶ FACEBOOK |▶ TWITTER |▶ TUMBLR |