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by: Unyil Tiqi     Published on: 15 June 2019

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#SUBSCRIBE#unyil_tiqiChubby Mermaid: The Series! by Emezie Okorafor Episode 7: “Solar Eclipse (part 1)” According to legend, every new millennium ushers in the Grand Celestial Eclipse, and the Overworld crowns a new ruler. Alita Divina (Kit Hart) is the new popular Queen of the Overworld, supported by her loyal guardian Knight Wolf Mac Tire (Rick Sykes) and her royal counsel Angel Wolf (Bobby Sykes). Together they make a powerful Trio... Knight Wolf would lay down his life for the sake of Alita without question, but that doesn't mean he's particularly obedient to his Queen...during the celebration of the Celestial Eclipse, he plays a practical joke on her, placing a crab on her throne. Naturally, things don't go well after that, and poor Angel Wolf tries his best to make sure the Queen and her Knight don't kill each other... Just kiss already! Sadly, these exciting, jubilant times in the Overworld can't last forever...stay tuned for part 2! Incidentally...Angel Wolf bears a striking resemblance to The Fisherman, doesn't he... And how does this old tale relate to the Chubby Mermaid who's struggling with the turbulent tidal waves of the high seas in current times? It’s a new series based on the short film “Chubby Mermaid” (...) The Queenfish (Ayane Shiun) is back for more seafaring adventures, along with the Catfish (Mina Kim) and the Fisherman (Bobby Sykes). She’s joined by a cast of colorful characters who all look vaguely familiar… Fans of Porkchop ’n Flatscreen should feel right at home…in fact, the parallels between the two series might just give you some insight into your favorite PCFS characters