by: From Luna and Skye     Published on: 24 August 2017

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Nothing makes your smile sour more than the spontaneous crack of your kid’s head against a metal object on the playground. In this video Roni takes an unexpected blow to the head that sends us into a panic. Watch to find out if he’s okay and if we’re all able to keep partying on for Tristan’s big 9th Birthday! And don't forget to subscribe to see him use his favorite birthday present!➳ SUBSCRIBE:➳ More funny videos here: How We Met:➳ The Fox Den Blog:➳ Follow Us 🦊:Instagram: @myfoxxdenFacebook: @myfoxxdenTwitter: @thefoxden_Love,-THE FOX DENTranscriptIs he okay? He hit his nose. Oh, your nose is hurt. Baby are you okay? Ronan was spinning on one of these spinner things and then he slipped and fell and hit his nose and his head really hard. He's hurt. Poor little guy. It was like a big piece of metal so anyway. Taylor rushed off with him I'll show you guys what happened in a second [Music] hey guys okay so today is Tristan's birthday and really quick we wererunning to the store to get syrup forpancakes we have birthday pancakes forbirthdays and I forgot that we don'thave certain that we're gonna get syrupand a few things for our family partyfor Tristan slash going back to schoolparty look that we like to have everyyear all right guys you're the wiggly -Mike is gonna lose and Nico's at homewiggling a tooth because he wants theTooth Fairy to come again that toothfairy's gonna be very poor by the timeshe gets through all of these hey let'sgo shoppingfor me we had an interesting incidentwith the littlest Fox the blond Fox whodecided that his hair would be a goodnapkin for syrup so what he does is hetakes his syrupy sticky hands and helike combs over his hair while he'ssitting there in his chair instead ofjust eating the waffles that are on hisplate which I'm sure super delicious Imean me as a kid I had Cheerios butbefore you think oh my gosh I likeCheerios like you got to remember ifthere's a different kind of Cheeriosthan honey nut cheerios there's likeplain-jane cheerios okay well she has apointI like them I'm not saying that theywere the worst I'm not saying that theywere horrible sometimes sometimes Iwould just eat like corn flakes withoutany sugar on there wasn't like sugarfrosted flakes it was just straight-upcorn flakes but what I'm trying to sayis these kids have Eagle waffles withsyrup on them not any syrup MrsButterworth syrup and they use the syrupto comb their hair over yeah yeahhe is very reasonable he decided that hewants to go out to a restaurant to eattoday so it would be best if we didn'thave a giant breakfast today we have acouple things going on we afterbreakfast this morning we're gonna go tothe Curiosity Museum they've got allkinds of stuff there from like monkeyingaround - like water exhibits andenormous playgrounds for kids there'slike rope swings and draw bridges andall kinds of things that any kid couldever dream or hope for to run around onthe baby runs loose brothers trying tohelp them but it's not working maybejust a little bit those of you who don'tknow yetTaylor got our hair cut yesterday I'mloving it look at itflipping it just flip that hair she'sbeen up since the crack of dawn gettingbirthday supplies and breakfast suppliesand she is amazing for those of youdon't who don't know what it's like tohave a family of six and get birthdaycakes and everything ready for them apresents wrapped and make sure thatdiapers are changed it looks like thisbeauty and perfectionno really she makes it look easy shereally does what card dress are youready birthday boy yeah goes to theCuriosity Museum yeah yep what's theCuriosity Museum Tristan tell me peoplelearn about curiosity I'm guessing theyis an outside fight these a water pipe Ihave like five or six different rooms ofthingslike activities and stuff right yeahyeah no we're going to the curiositymuseum so the curiosity museum like youwalk down there's like this ginormouslike rip course jungle gym kind of areaand there's another room calledwaterworks and there's just a bunch ofdifferent rooms you're about to find outwe are actually going to take you alongbelieve it or not you are invited to thebirthday celebration this is now anexpert put the baby down to sleep[Music]reposition the belts next[Music]to tell meexcited income[Music]just an idea come on let's do thiscuriosity timeokay I get yoursand that piecejust in the nick of time put it righthere right here now walk with itsometimeslike a ninjathis is intense I didn't expect this Ithought this was gonna be a lot easierokay I didn't know I was gonna be goingthrough that okay that was a lot crazierthan I thought it would be I did notanticipate there to be like a childrenonly pass so I ended up like crawling