Kizer’s NFL Debut | vs Browns (S1,G2) | Madden NFL 18 Baltimore Ravens Franchise Ep. 02

by: MoonlightSwami | FranchiseNation     Published on: 13 September 2017

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Gameplan: The forecast shows pretty significant rain this week, so our goal is to run the ball down their throats. While the Browns have some very good pieces in their front 7, establishing the run, then picking apart their DBs utilizing play action is our focus. On defense, we need to dedicate a bit more to the run, and confuse Kizer as much as possible in his first NFL start. We should be running a variety of personnel packages, including mixing up the amount of 3-4 and 4-3 we run. Progression Rules: Madden 18 Franchise Mode: Ravens Playlist: My Twitch Channel (where I will be live Streaming the offseason and draft): sure to TACKLE THAT THUMBS UP BUTTON!! I hope you enjoyed my Madden 17 Franchise Mode. Also subscribe to join the #FranchiseNation and for more Madden 17!!! Here are my sliders: Here is the base I used for my sliders: Welcome to #FranchiseNation , I am your host Moonlightswami, and here we have my Madden NFL 18 Baltimore Ravens Franchise. This series is the deepest, most detailed, and hopefully most entertaining franchise ever produced on YouTube. During the 2017 Offseason, Coach Harbaugh was forced to resign from his coaching duties, due to illness. He opted to transfer to a consultant role, but that leaves a big void on the field. In the front office, General Manager Ozzie Newsome was promoted to President of the team, leaving his former GM duties behind. To fill both roles, the Ravens promoted assistant head coach, Andy Rooker to HC/GM. Rooker, a former 7th round pick by the Patriots in 1996, has served as a scout for 6 years, director of pro personnel for the Arizona Cardinals for 6 more years, and has been an assistant Head Coach for the past 4 seasons. Overall, Rooker provides experience both on the sideline, and in the front office. What will Coach Rooker be able to do with this Ravens roster? What will happen to Joe Flacco? Find out with games every Wednesday, Saturday, and other videos on Mondays!! Here are some things that this series contains:- Two NFL Games per week- Written gameplay for each game in the description- Post game press conferences discussing the game- Suspensions, injuries, trades, and conflicts- Realistic Progression- Realistic roster moves- Drafting based on player types, school, and other biases- More!!Make sure to follow me on twitter, as I will occasionally ask for reactions to various events in my franchise, and may feature your tweets!!!- Twitter: MY WEBSITE: