Lamb Of God – Laid To Rest (Guitar Lesson)

by: Simon Revill     Published on: 11 March 2017

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Description : ‘Laid To Rest’ by Lamb Of God features a killer riff with an eastern flavour, using the D Phrygian and D Phrygian Dominant modes. The song is played in 12/8 which is a nice change from the more common 4/4 time. Each beat is divided into three eighth-notes in 12/8. If you’re not familiar with this time signature, you’ll be okay so long as you’ve had experience playing triplet rhythms. Because of the Drop-D tuning and the intervals in the D Phrygian Dominant scale, there are some big jumps around the fretboard here, especially in bar two. In this video I show you the left hand fingering I use to play the riff which can be a little tricky.*Tuning is Drop-D (D A D G B E)*Please share this video and have fun playing along! FREE eBook Download:Metal Rhythm Guitar Starter Guide with Simon:► Website:► Facebook:► Twitter: Of GodLaid To RestAshes of the WakeMetalHeavy MetalSacramentMark MortonWillie AdlerRandy BlytheAs the Palaces BurnGuitarGuitar LessonGuitar TabSimon RevillTutorialMetallicaSlayerAnthraxPanteraRhythm GuitarRhythmPhrygian ModePhrygian Dominant12/8