LAST KID TO FALL ASLEEP WINS $10,000 (Part 2)**MR. BEAST CHALLENGE** | Piper Rockelle

by: Piper Rockelle     Published on: 06 April 2019

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Shalom guys! Hope your day is great but better watching last kid to fall asleep wins $10,000 Part 2! This is another funny and crazy Mr. Beast challenge! My boyfriend, bff and I are on a mission to not fall asleep! We made it to day two of not falling asleep. This challenge is getting so difficult! We just want to go to sleep! Maybe a little ASMR will keep us awake? Watch until the end to see who wins this last to challenge and which one of us wins the $10,000!#lastto #challenge #kids(Watch my LAST VIDEO)Surviving 24 HOURS OVERNIGHT in an ABANDONED City MrBeast CHALLENGE *GONE WRONG* πŸ’” PART 1!!! Watch my other LAST TO CHALLENGES here:LAST TO SAY NO to THROWING a Dart at a Map WINS $10,000 πŸŽ―πŸ’΅ Last To Leave FREEZING ICE POOL Wins $10,000 CHALLENGEπŸ’°β„οΈ LAST TO FALL IN THE POOL WINS $10,000 CHALLENGE *FREEZING*❄️❄️ Editor, Filmer, Director: Hunter: Gavin Magnus: --------------------Follow Piper Rock-elle: Twitter: Instagram: TikTok/ Musically: PiperRockelleBoost me on Famous Birthdays: